A professional project in Kinnaur? Research work?

For many years, we’ve been guiding professionals in Kinnaur to help them with their research projects. We organise your trip from A to Z through Kinnaur. We make contacts with the persons to be interviewed, accompany you to each place and translate, and provide you with accommodation and catering.

Nav Negi (the co-founder of The Pomra Adventures) has worked as a research assistant in 2012-2013, and again briefly in 2017 for Aghaghia Rahimzadeh.  Aghaghia was collecting social science-based fieldwork data for her PhD dissertation from the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, at the University of California, Berkeley.

Aghaghia’s research was focused on the consequences of apple economy of Kinnaur, examining drivers of change and the implications of these changes on social, cultural, political, and environmental dynamics of the district in the last seven decades. Nav Negi's work with Aghaghia included serving as an interpreter and translator while collecting ethnographic data in different villages in Kinnaur.  The data we collected included participant observation, focus group discussions, and structured and semi-structured interviews with orchard owners, government officials, members of various local institutions, women, and other community members.